Meet the Team

We have a very special team at Xtreme Soccer, we love what we do and do whatever it takes to achieve our goals. Our bosses always use the saying

Together Everyone Achieves More

And we believe in it. Our hard work makes your events great!

We are a young, ambitious business and are always looking to add the right people to our ever growing team.

If you feel like you have the right credentials, drop us a line… What’s the worst that could happen?

Dan Chillingworth
- Founding Director and co-owner

Former professional footballer, restaurateur and all round nice guy, maybe too nice! Says ‘to be fair’ a lot and only ever wears Xtreme Team branded clothing.

Warren Whitfield
- Director and co-owner

Former boy band member and entrepreneur. He knows his stuff and SHOUTS WHEN HE’S ON THE PHONE so be careful! Has a shoe collection in the office!

Michael Cafferkey
– Event Coordinator Nationwide

A good addition to the Xtreme team, a handy cricketer in his spare time, also a pest with the ladies. don't worry hens, if you book we will spare you the pleasure!

Luke Stewart
– Head of Australia Xtreme Soccer

Young in age, had a hard paper round. Luke heads up Xtreme Soccer down under. says "aahh look" a lot. Half Italian on his mums pet dogs side. Fits in very well with the Xtreme team.

Harry Higgins
- Head of US Operations

Nobody has worked harder to get Xtreme Soccer to where it is today and now heads up the business in the USA. Parties very, very hard. Once got lost in Berlin.

Nick Kay
- Accountant

First point of contact if we need anyone to dress up in a ridiculous outfit for a new event. An above average accountant but not your average one either!

Rhys William
- Event Coordinator, Leader of the Xtreme Team in Cardiff

Rhys is Welsh and has a beard which he likes to stroke. One of the first members of the Xtreme Team, likes barn dances, wrestling and sheep.

Connor Pinches
- Event Coordinator, Cardiff

Connor drives the flashiest car in the whole of Wales, which isn’t that hard really but it keeps him happy. Likes Jeremy Kyle, knitting and sheep


Chris Mckintosh-Mcdermot
- Event Coordinator, Cardiff

Chris is Irish but lives in Wales, moving across the Irish Sea due to his love of sheep. Likes caravans and tarmac.

Edward Manchett

Edward likes to live of the fact he looks remotely like Ricky Rayment from the only way is Essex. Although we have had a office sweep steak and the result is he looks more like Jack Whitehall. Always dresses in a super hero costume. so what super hero will be running your event??

Laura Cade
- Head of UK Operations

Keeping the dream alive and everyone in the office on their toes. Brings some much needed glamour to the team. Has to put up with some awful office banter.

Lee Gowland
- Event Coordinator / Liverpool

Personal trainer/fitness instructor and all round action man Gowa. Geordie/Scouse so ask him to write things down. A real voice and hosts a top event

Michael Kay
– Head of new game development
Nothing really funny about Michael, other than the way he looks, that's why we had to find him something else to do rather than run events. He is in charge of turning Warren and Dans thoughts into reality. God help us all.

Taylor West

Local Championship Cricket captain, Thankfully his delivery of an event is better than he delivers a cricket ball. Unfortunately he is an avid West Brom fan. so any events in Wolverhampton he's your man! A full time member of the Xtreme Team.


Craig Corfield
- Event Coordinator / Manchester

Aaaah kid “corky”, Great work ethic. Used to play in goal for Bolton under 6s, until someone trod on his little pinky (finger)

Jonathan Cade

JC 1 is the husband of our very own Laura Cade, We asked Laura to write his bio... she stared blankly into space for 5 minutes... that about sums him up. Very large ears. Supports Aston Villa, don't hold that against him.


Aaron Hunter
- Event Coordinator / Newcastle

1 half of our very own Ant & Dec, (Ant) Knows how to get a group going, when you can understand them host a magic event.

Neal Thompson
- Event Coordinator / Newcastle

Good addition to the Xtreme team, and the other half of our Ant and Dec (Dec) also Knows how to run a great event. They do like to share events so you may get them both!

Ryan Spry
- Event Coordinator / Anywhere

Ryan loves a glass of red wine.So much so that you will probably see it twice.. Looks a bit like that fella from Geordie Shore, A long serving member, helped us get where we are today.

Tim Willis
- Event Coordinator / Anywhere

Tim is another last minute local signing. Another with "strawberry blond" hair. Which compliments his glow in the dark complexion perfectly. Always a lively chappy so your event is in safe hands! Unlike his fielding ability. Took 1 catch in 2014.


Karl Andrews - Event Coordinator / Bournemouth

Hard working, enthusiastic and reliable. Which is a bloomin good job as Bournemouth is miles away!

Michael Pottinger -Event Coordinator / Newcastle

Baby of the Xtreme Team, but has a mature head on those shoulders and must have had a tough paper round. Sister got all the looks!

John Chambers - Business Development

Got dealt a blow this year when china rejected his working visa on the grounds that he would eat all of the country’s rice. Edgar for his Davidesque glasses. Hard worker. Never missed on roses….from 2 yards

Ali Gill - Event Coordinator / Liverpool

Happy Chappy, could often get him confused for Craig Charles or John Barnes. Runs a lively event so be prepared!

Ian Horner - Event Coordinator / Brighton

A real coo for the Xtreme team, a transfer deadline day signing. Offers vast events experience and its handy he lives in Brighton!

Jordon Cafferkey

JC 2 is the younger brother of Michael Cafferkey, youngest of 5 brothers and now the youngest member of the Xtreme Team. Trying to make it in this big wide world, but continually is dragged down by Michael. It may seem as though everyone on this thread is related. unfortunately that is just the part of the world we live in.


Snoop Dog - Company Guard dog

The xtreme team pet and loves to sit watching out the window. Scares the postman everyday. Snores very loud. Smells a bit. But still not the worst we have in the office.

A special mention to the staff below, that due to Football/Work commitments can only run events close season. But their efforts do not go unnoticed.
Cheers guys!

Russell Short

Franco Nacca

David Bridges

Adam Tann

Seif Karboub

Emitai Tuwai


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