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Please see a list of the most common questions that we get asked.
If you have any questions that are not answered by below's FAQ's
Please contact us via email  on events@xtremesoccer.co.uk or call us on 0800 044 3644

What Are Body Zorbs?
Your body is inside the zorb, and you hold onto hand grips throughout. Your legs are outside so you can run! There is a hole above your head to let in air and for you to see out of if you bend forwards. The body zorbs have straps which can be adjusted according to your size.

What is the cost of a Football Zorbing event?
This varies depending on your location and group size. Enquire today and we will send you a detailed quote based on your requirements. Prices range depending on location, group numbers and event duration for a breakdown of general pricing please contact us on 0800 044 3644

What is the minimum amount of players?
We require a minimum group size of ten however groups of eight can be accommodated at additional cost.

Are your venues indoors or outdoor's?
We operate with both outdoors and indoor venue's. We tend to operate predominantly with outside venues in the summer. If you specifically wish to play indoors please let us know.

What is included?
Your price per person will include venue hire, a referee / host and 10 body zorbs, goals, and balls, event coordinator and group photo. You can also get a few short vids that our event coordinator will share with your group

How long will the event last for?
This will depend on your group size. 60 minute sessions available based on a group size of 10-18 with groups of 19+ lasting for 90 minutes.

What clothing is recommended?
It is recommended to wear jogging bottoms or tracksuit bottoms as you may slide along the floor. Suitable trainers and a short sleeve top are also advised.

Can groups drink alcohol whilst playing?
Nope, any groups found drinking alcohol whilst playing or intoxicated will be asked to sit out. sorry.

Who Can Play?
Suitable for ages 7 years and upwards.
Maximum weight 23 Stone.
Maximum height 6'5.

We recommend that adults and kids do not play in the same session together.
Mixed gender sessions are allowed as long as players are sensible!

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